East Angola Partnership

Harvest Gives $7,500 to Support Angola Missionaries and Provide Needed Medicines

Harvest supports Cuban Methodist missionaries Leo and Cleivy Garcia (pictured below) and the children of Quessua, Angola with our prayers and financial gifts. The Garcias worshiped with us on February 25. We joined the Garcias for a Cuban-style lunch that day to learn how God is using Harvest’s gifts to save and change lives in Angola. We thank God for Harvest offering  $7,500 in response to the Garcias' visit to support them in their ministry! Harvest will invest $5,000 of that to continue our covenant support relationship with Leo and Cleivy.  The remaining $2,500 will be invested towards a $10,000 matching grant for the purchase of desperately-needed medicines for the health clinic in Quessua!

Click here for Harvest Supported Missionaries Leo and Cleivy Garcia's Report of Jan. - March 2018 (English)

Clic aquí para Informe de Enero - Marzo 2018 de Leo y Cleivy García - Misioneros Apoyados por Harvest UMC


The Florida Conference of the UMC's Mission in Angola: 

  • Building relationships as we share Jesus' love.
  • Supporting and encouraging missionaries who serve in East Angola.
  • Providing medical services for those who are desperately in need.
  • Training and equipping leaders for ministry.
  • Developing sustainable agriculture to alleviate hunger.

Join Us in Prayer for: 

  • The children and youth of East Angola.
  • Missionaries Leo & Cleivy Garcia, Ken Koome & Kutela Katembo.
  • Agricultural development in the Quessua Mission.
  • The eradication of malaria.

A Visit From Angola

Cuban Methodist pastors Leo and Cleivy Garcia strengthened Harvest’s years-long ministry with them and the people of Quessua, Angola with a visit to Harvest on Jan. 8, 2017.
Leo preached at both Harvest Lakewood Ranch services and Cleivy preached at Harvest Bayshore. Four dozen Harvest folks enjoyed lunch and learned more about the partnership and the Garcias’ ministry in Quessua at a gathering after Sunday’s services.
Harvest surprised Leo and Cleivy with the good news that half of the 2016 Christmas Eve offering ($14,000) will be invested in feeding hungry children in Quessua and providing college scholarships for promising Quessua high-schoolers. Harvest will also provide $2,500 in 2017 to support Leo and Cleivy as missionaries in Quessua.

Harvest Returns to Angola


For years, Harvest has partnered with our United Methodist brothers and sisters in Florida and Quessua – near Malange, Angola – to help that area of the African country re-build after a 27-year civil war ended in 2002 and to share Christ’s love with its people.  As part of the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church’s partnership with the East Angola Conference, Harvest has sent five missions teams to Angola in the past eight years.

October 2016 Trip

A three-person Harvest team (Mike Baker, Tracey Nickens and Tiona Wilson)  traveled to Quessua in October 2016 to continue ministering with the people there, particularly the boys and girls who live in the Methodist-run boardinghouses in that community. Many of the children lost their parents in the civil war and other tragedies, and others come from extremely difficult life circumstances. The team deepened Harvest’s and the Florida Conference’s relationships with these young people of Quessua, and delivered food aid. This team also walked alongside them in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the people of surrounding communities and continuing to re-build Quessua from the civil war. 

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