A men's Bible study

The Journeymen gathering focuses on the needs of  men by helping them in their spiritual journey to find, understand, grow, and serve through their relationship with Jesus Christ. 
  • A forum for men to share their views, witness to each other, and grow in their journey of faith.
  • For men with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. We share and discuss beliefs and ideas openly while studying scripture and other reading material.
  • Allows space for men to share their understanding of Scripture, tradition, reason, and their life experiences.
  • Open to all men


Location & Time:

The Journeymen meet on Friday mornings currently on Zoom.  

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An open invitation:

We invite you to stop by anytime to explore what we can offer you. Come for a few minutes or stay the full time, and return as often as you like. We are certain that you will learn something new and we promise that you will make new friends.