As is customary in the United Methodist Church, pastors are appointed and reappointed every year. On April 24, we announced that a new pastor would be appointed to Harvest. As we journey through this transition period, we are looking toward what God has for us in this next season. As a church family,  the Harvest community is committed to Praying Our Way Forward. 

Each week, through different styles of prayer, we will take time to focus on listening to where God is leading us as individuals and as a community of faith. We will start by praying that God would ready our hearts for the next chapter in Harvest’s story. Then we will turn our focus to praying for our church ministries and our work in the community. 

 As we practice various approaches to praying, some of which may be familiar while others are new, we hope your relationship with God will grow deeper and more personal. Because some of these ways of praying may be new to you, we will first practice them on Sunday mornings, and then you can practice them during the week. 

 We also hope that this time of focusing on prayer will lead you to want to become more involved in the community of Harvest. Whether you join a study group or serve on a ministry team where you can strengthen existing friendships or grow new relationships, there is a place for you here at Harvest. Click here to connect.

Praying with Color

Lectio Divina

Examen Prayer


Come, Holy Spirit - Pentecost Prayer

Centering Prayer

Breath Prayer