Mission 2022 - Building Resilient Families

This year at Harvest Kids our ministry focus is “Building Resilient Families.” Each month, we are intentionally reminding kids who they are in Christ, that God loves them, and the world needs their unique presence.

In addition, parents receive cues to help have meaningful conversations with their children. Our goal for 2022 is to partner with families. We want to see families become solid and resilient so that any storm can be weathered.

During the year, there will be several events designed to build stronger families, facilitate meaningful conversations, and ultimately help families grow in Christ together.

Parent Resources

Parenting today can be daunting, to say the least. There will be difficult conversations to navigate, boundaries to set, challenging life and world events, and more – all while trying to raise a child to be kind and have a sense of self firmly rooted in Jesus. The following articles are a sampling of resources, primarily gathered from the Parent Cue website or app that we hope will be beneficial in some of today’s parenting challenges. 


Waiting for Christmas - Making New Family Traditions Using these ideas: 

So much of the holiday season is filled with rushing. 

  • We rush to decorate. 
  • We rush to buy gifts. 
  • We rush to get to holiday parties on time. 
  • We rush to grandmas house before dinner starts. 

 But the season is filled with lots of waiting, too. 

  • We wait for the cookies to bake. 
  • We wait for Santa to arrive. 
  • We wait for the comforting return to normalcy. 

In the midst of it all, its easy to forget to help our kids understand what makes this season important: spending time with loved ones and reflecting on the amazing gift of Jesus. Here are five ways to make quality memories with your family this season: 

  1. Turn off the lights and read the Christmas story from Luke1:12:38 by the light of the Christmas tree. (Have a house with little ones? You could even use characters from a Nativity scene to act it out!) 
  2. Make a holiday breakfast for dinner. Turn your pancakes into snowmen with chocolate chip faces and bacon scarves. 
  3. Leave bagged Christmas snacks and drinks at your doorstep for the delivery people showing up all season. Make a festive sign to say, thank you! 
  4. Have each family member choose a cookie cutter that represents something good God has done for them this year. Then, bake and decorate a batch of cut-out cookies. (Theres no shame in ready-made dough!) 
  5. At bedtime, retell the story of each of your childrens birth or arrival in the family. Pray for families who are welcoming children in the midst of unusual or difficult circumstances right now. 

 Its important to remember that the best present you could ever give your family this holiday season is your presence. All your family truly wants for Christmas is a happy, healthy, and wholeyou. 

Parent Cues

Parent Cues - Help identify the clues of what kids may be thinking.


PCL 51: How To Make Room For Moments During The Holiday Season - Parent Cue (theparentcue.org) 


The Only Thing Your Kids Need for Christmas - Parent Cue (theparentcue.org) 

What If This Was Your Last Christmas? - Parent Cue (theparentcue.org) 

What if My Kid is the Mean One?

Helping Kids Cope with Anxiety Video

How We Talk About Our Kids

Compassion Bingo   Also comes with PDF of free printable Compassion Bingo Card 

Is My Kid Addicted to Technology?

How to Read a Kid's Mind at Any Phase

PCL 93: When is the Right Time to Give My Kid a Cell Phone?

7 Signs Your Child May Be Lonely

What I Want My Daughter to Know About Love 

BRAND NEW: Parenting with Mental Health in Mind

Your Kid Has 27 Different Emotions (Really!)

4 Warning Signs Your Kid May Have Anxiety or Depression

What To Do When Your Kid’s Feelings Are Hurt

Why Kids and Parents NEED Routine

Find Your Family Rhythm

Learning to Use My Bible

Learning to Use My Bible is one great way to start building resilient kids and families! Each year Harvest Kids launches its' annual 5-week study of Learning to Use My Bible for second graders. Kids learn how to navigate and use the Bible. On the Sunday following the 5-week study, each participant is presented with their very own, age-appropriate Bible! Children older than second grade who have not previously participated are welcome to join. Stay tuned for 2023 registration information.


Looking to volunteer? We would love your help. Please email with questions or if you want to help.

Harvest Kids meet Sunday mornings in person!

Harvest Kids offers several different ways to get faith-forming resources to your family, including:

In-Person Experience

HARVEST KIDS in-person programming is available during the 9 AM and 10:25 AM worship gatherings.

Click here to watch Miss Steph talk through some of the details and COVID-19 protocols.

Here are the Harvest Kids health safety protocols for in-person programming:

  • Anyone exhibiting symptoms of infectious illness, before returning to Harvest Kids in-person programming, must stay home for at least 10 days after symptom onset + symptoms have improved + 24 hours without fever and no use of fever-reducing medicine.
  • Harvest staff commits to sanitize indoor spaces between usage with an electrostatic disinfecting system that sprays hospital-grade disinfectant and deodorizing cleaner that meets all EPA requirements for Toxicity Category IV (no harmful dermal, ocular, inhalation, or ingestion effects) Harvest staff/leadership commit to notifying persons if/when there is potential exposure to covid-19. Our registration/check-in system allows us to register your attendance and contact information.
Optional Experiences

Monthly Mailer filled with faith-forming resources and mailed to your family each month.

Online Resources - coming soon!



Harvest Families Mission

We want our younger members to know that God is using them right now, as they are, to help and serve others. No matter how big or small or rich or poor, God uses us to do the work of the church. 

Ministry Contact: Steph Serfass

Our Sunday morning children's program is designed to be safe, fun, and to form faith in children.  First-time guests and weekly students are welcomed and introduced to God's word through scripture readings, storytime, song, and interactive play.  Our goal is to partner with your family as you raise your children or grandchildren to be people who love God and love others.

Preschool (infants - VPK): The Nursery/Preschool environment is a safe & special place filled with love, laughter, and learning. We believe that children are a gift from God and can experience and learn about God's love right from the start. 

In our preschool program, we want our students to learn these three truths:
-          God made me.
-          God loves me.
-          Jesus wants to be my friend, forever. 

Elementary (K-Grade 5): We meet in small groups, and end in large groups. Small groups are led by consistent leaders who have been background screened and trained. In the small groups for the younger kids, we play, create, and learn together about a new Big Idea each month.  For our 4th and 5th graders, we discuss faith-forming topics and spend some time hanging out in small groups! 

Big Idea: Every month we focus on a new characteristic of God; what God is doing inside of us to change the world around us. All month long we learn skills to take home and share our new skills with others. 

When our Elementary students leave our program, we want them to know these three truths:
-          I can trust God no matter what.
-          I need to make a wise choice.
-          I should treat others the way I want to be treated.